“Live at your rhythm with Vodafone Red’s new bundles” released on its brand awareness OOH campaign, featuring actor and superstar Asser Yassin on the billboards of Cairo, offering a bunch of VOD and music streaming services just for you.

Parallel to its OOH campaign for El Mared, Fahmy, and Diab, Vodafone has made it clear that it is the master of celebrity branding tactic, featuring Amr Diab, Cairokee, Yasmine Sabry, Awlad Rizk Squad, Mohamed Salah, and more of the first raw stars of the Egyptian world. This time, the telecommunication brand is bringing the sophisticated Asser Yassin that perfectly fits the uniqueness of Vodafone Red, with snapshots of the multi-channel campaign. As for the ad copy, it tempts with the benefits of Vodafone Red, where you can enjoy OSN, Anghami, bein, Shahid, and WATCH iT!

Visit MOOH, Egypt’s, and The Emirates’ OOH-dedicated analysis system and Media Intelligence to get to more about this campaign, including its OOH kinds, budget, and several other details.

The Art & Science of OOH

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