Akam Developments makes a presence on Cairo's billboards with an outdoor advertising campaign, teasing the audience for its next project in the New Capital by the announcement of "Launching soon", with quite artistic visuals and fresh vibes. Akam appears in the streets after nearly six months since its last OOH campaign.

The OOH campaign emerged in greenery visuals with lively nature, describing the next project with the only three words, "Sublime. Serene. Spirited". It's showing on a green color scheme that conveys peace of mind in a place that's full of life, emphasized with an interesting illustration of two separate opposing faces approaching each other to produce an artful design of a butterfly, leaving the audience wondering what's behind.

On the other hand, INSITE OOH brings the news that Akam has just revealed its new project earlier this week on its social channels, waiting for the outdoor reveal to deliver it as soon as it pops on the roads. So stay tuned for the launching campaign's coverage.

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