The creative global audio streaming subscription service, Spotify, has appeared again on the billboards of Cairo with a humorous outdoor campaign to entertain the people of Cairo with memes-themed visuals to add a smile on our faces, just like what they did back in December’s OOH campaign.

Digging deep in our daily lives, jokes, sarcasm, and day-to-day routine, Spotify is embodying both generation X and Z’s lives in memes mixed with songs, and it goes like this “When your fat belly disappears and six-packs appear” you feel like “I can’t believe it by Hamada Helal”, “When you travel from the Settlements area to October”, you feel like “A step by Mostafa Hagag”, “When you are only one semester away from graduating” it sounds like “I am counting the nights by Amr Diab”,

If you have places to be at, practice to go to and work to do” all at the same, it feels like you are in “The washing machine by Wegz” and a lot of the funny-relatable memes.

The various visuals continue to add “When the GPS stops working while you are on the road” replying with Nancy Ajram’s “I had a bet on you”, “When he sees your message and still do not reply”, Warda says “I forbade myself from loving you” and more of the exciting and hilarious memes.

Get deeper insights about this campaign, including its OOH kinds, locations, and more; visit MOOH; Egypt and The Emirates’ OOH-dedicated analysis system and Media Intelligence.

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