After months of lying back due to COVID-19’s negative effects on Cairo's billboards, the OOH media landscape is finally flourishing again, after April’s, May’s, and June’s dropdown. Total campaigns have risen from 123 campaigns back in June to 160 campaigns in July, with 73 new campaigns more than June’s 38 new campaigns.

In similarity, the number of ongoing campaigns has jumped up with two more campaigns this month. All of the previous information has resulted in a rise in July's market occupancy, with 6% more than last month.

Worthy mentioning, the real estate industry is facing a dropdown during July; although the market itself is rising up high, this drop is reflected in two reasons; first, the latest senatorial elections that took place during July, and second, the upswing in the FMCG industry from 3% in June to 7% in July.

We keep on tracking, monitoring, and analyzing the outdoor landscape every month to unveil its secrets and behind the scenes of these campaigns, following all the brands, advertisers, and innovations happening on the roads of our beloved Greater Cairo. Scout the competition with INSITE’s inforgraphic to browse the different industry’s marketshare and the Top 20 Campaigns ranking

The Art & Science of OOH

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