Egyptian telecommunication company Telecom Egypt has released an OOH campaign for WE to seize the summertime, featuring the B 100 Wesh gang, Eslam Ibraheem, Dina Maher, and Mohamed Abd El Azeem on the billboards of Cairo, just a few weeks after releasing the same campaign in the Egyptian North Coast.

WE is using celebrity branding marketing strategy to seize these three artists’ success after climbing the ladder of trends back in Ramadan, making sure WE’s audiences get the memo, proving “Lesa aktar” which translates to “There are more services left” and “Enta Saye2”, which means “You are the one holding the driving wheel”. The ad copy refers to how its audiences are in total control of their bundles, with a chance to win “Unites & gigabytes”, adding “You can also win valuable prizes and a Mercedes C180”.

Curious to know more about WE’s OOH campaign? You are one click away from contacting Egypt’s and The Emirates’ dedicated out-of-home media intelligence and analysis system, MOOH.

The Art & Science of OOH

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