The official distributor of the luxurious INFINITI in UAE, AW Rostamani Arabian Automobiles, has climbed up the billboards of Dubai with an extensive outdoor advertising campaign that includes DOOH media plan, presenting prices-per-month for almost every INFINITI model, the Q50, QX50, QX60, and the QX80, with a promising "0% interest". The campaign appears after Arabian Automobiles' latest OOH campaign for Nissan in July

The OOH campaign has emerged with multiple visuals to demonstrate the offer. It appears with a particular exposure for the exceptional QX80 at "AED 3,850 per month" and QX60 at "AED 2,270 per month" on large visuals and digital screens. At the same time, the QX80 is exclusively rising on a building wrapping at Arabian Automobiles' premises. Meanwhile, other visuals appeared on lampposts to display the Q50 at "AED 1,849" and QX50 at "AED 2,099" per month.

The outdoor campaign was seen in the first week of August. It surfaced on digital screens, lampposts, and a building wrapping, all across Sheikh Zayed Rd, Sheikh Rashid St, Al Rabat Street, Mohammed Bin Zayed Rd, Al Ittihad St, and Al Taawun St. in the UAE.  

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