For the first time ever, Orange and Coca-Cola join forces to bring new offers on the table. They came up on Cairo's billboards with a co-branding OOH campaign to announce giving out 500 megabytes for free from orange, once you pick up your next Coca.

Just like Orange's latest outdoor campaign featuring some pop stars, this OOH campaign is also part of a multi-channel campaign, started with a cheerful jingle sung by three of the most loved celebrities among youth; Mahmoud El Esseily, Ruby, and Ahmed Kamel. The campaign's visuals appear capturing the three celebrities posing with their phones and Coca-Colas, sided by the copy that announces "Orange and Coca-Cola for the first time. Free 500 megabytes from the first time", declaring the first marketing collaboration between the two giants, and giving out a gift right away from the first attempt.

Learn about this campaign's budget, media plan, OOH kinds, and more. Just contact MOOH, the dedicated OOH media intelligence company and analysis system in Cairo and Dubai.

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