As a solidarity gesture, according to Al Kahera Wal Nas TV network القاهرة والناس, Egypt’s Tourism and Antiquities Ministry lights its iconic OOH landmarks The Pyramids, while real estate giant EMAAR has illuminated with a support message on Burj Khalifa, both displaying the Lebanese flag to express our grief and solidarity with the victims of Beirut’s massive explosion that shook the town and our hearts with it.

The explosion that took place on Tuesday, the 4th of August, has taken everybody by surprise, causing the death of dozens and the injuring of thousands. As a result of the devastating news, numerous world leaders have sent their condolence and support to Lebanon, such as France, the US, and its sister countries Egypt and the UAE. Egypt has turned to The Pyramids not only because of its iconic importance and legendary appearance but also as it is slowly becoming one of the world’s DOOH landmarks, while Burj Khalifa has been a flashlight of solidarity in both happy and tragic events.

Both the Egyptian and the Emirati people are wishing Lebanon and its people the strength to overcome such a tragedy, the dead ones to rest in peace and the injured victims to heal as soon as possible.

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