The up-and-coming Al Nas hospital, specialized in treating kids with heart issues for free, makes its first appearance on the streets of Cairo with an OOH campaign to raise awareness. It's spreading warm messages all over the billboards to grow the concern of Egyptian kids' heart diseases, and recalling the authentic influence of people in changing other's lives through the hashtag #الناس_للناس; in English, "People for people".

Operating since the near September 2019, Al Nas Hospital emerged on an OOH campaign with two powerful messages in a colourful manner, aligning with their logo colour scheme, and their purpose of making kids happier. It spreads the words about the high potentials and vast capabilities at Al Nas Hospital, and the fact that it's "The biggest hospital for treating kids' hearts for free, in Africa and the Middle East". Meanwhile, calling for donations through some meaningful words like "Each donation makes a difference for a kid", "We didn't stop for a moment because kids' hearts can't" and more. It places the CTA and bank account number for donations plus the option to make it through Fawry, assuring that the operation service is "100% free".

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Campaign Credits

Industry: Non-Profit | Healthcare

Brand: Al Nas Hospital

Advertiser: Al Nas Hospital

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Awareness Campaign | Fawry

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