As Eid al-Adha approaches, the Egyptian Food Bank appears on the streets of Cairo with an OOH campaign to reveal what it's offering from a range of Sacrifice Vouchers, delivering the program for the benefit of people in need, and managing the process for donors with no hustle.

Comparable to its latest OOH campaign last year for the Holy Feast of Sacrifice, the Egyptian Food Bank showed up this time with an additional Sacrifice Vouchers to offer three options instead of two, especially as the coronavirus has made the religious commitment harder for both donors and receivers this year.

The campaign's visuals introduced the Baladi Vouchers, Imported Vouchers, and the Meat Handouts, all displayed with the price amount of each under the "Sacrifice Vouchers Program". It came with a copy indicating that "Because the need is more severe, we'll make sure your Sacrifice reach further", placing the CTA "Donate online" followed by the web address, and other multiple options for donors as the bank account number for deposits, hotline for collection from home, and payment through Fawry stores.

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