Taj Misr Developments appears on Cairo's billboards for the first time with a brand awareness OOH campaign, announcing the launch of its first promising project Dejoya New Capital, with an impressive debut on a comprehensive outdoor media plan to make some noise.

Taj Misr sounds new to the Real Estate industry, but it's showing up with an authentic solid experience and partnerships. Although it came to light earlier this year, it is the Real Estate development arm of The Egyptian International Construction Company (EICC) that has been operating since 2006. It's also partnering with the leading Space Consultants, an Egyptian company built over 20 years ago, innovating architectural designs across multiple countries in the region since then.

The OOH campaign showed up with several visuals to suffice different objectives at a time, branding Taj Misr and stirring up the attention for De Joya New Capital. Accordingly, some visuals emerge with the developer's logo, on a bright white background that often reflects strong beginnings and sharp vision, appearing on top of two different Dejoya's artwork that demonstrates the leisure through greeneries and happy moments. Other locations have visuals that display Dejoya New Capital solely, showcasing different vibes through night and day mood illustrations, appearing with conceptual shots from the luxurious units and atmosphere at Dejoya. These visuals surface with hotline as a CTA at the bottom, sided by Taj Misr and its designing partner Space Consultants logo.

As Taj Misr Developments is stepping firmly into the industry with partnerships that reveal their "stick to the winners" approach, it reliably trusted its very first OOH campaign to be powered by Mega Print Agency, one of the leading outdoor advertising agencies in Egypt with an experience of 17 years in managing successful OOH media plans.

Mega Print is a media buyer and provider that can spread your message across the exact hot spots in the city, its vast scale of outdoor coverage makes it the number one media provider for the most reputable international agencies in Egypt. It successfully carried out several media plans for Real Estate, FMCG, Mobile Devices, Automotive, and mostly every industry in the business, possessing the capacity and network that enables it to launch around 20 different OOH campaigns per month.

The campaign was spotted during the first week of July on uni-poles, double-decker poles, mega-signs and butterfly double-decker in various locations to demonstrate such a huge campaign across Greater Cairo, Egypt.

[AD] Mega Print is led by the CEO Ayman Sobhy, who holds more than 20 years in the Out-of-home industry and one of the OOH tycoons in Egypt, Ayman is a true OOH icon who has the trust of multiple advertisers and experience in dealing with challenging circumstances. Thereby, Mega Print has carried all that it takes with on-point strategic planning and execution to ensure and guarantee the success of Taj Misr's campaign, despite the recent hardships resulting from the pandemic. Unfortunately, advertisers were really concerned and not sure of their ROI from outdoor media channels lately, but Ayman Sobhy had to have his say; "No matter how OOH media is affected, changed or even revolutionized, it's still the most effective medium to deliver a product or service from an advertiser to its audience".   

Campaign Credits

Industry: Real Estate

Brand: De Joya New Capital

Advertiser: Taj Misr Developments

OOH Agency: Mega Print Outdoor Agency

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Awareness Campaign | Branding Campaign | Launching Campaign | Massive Campaign | New Administrative Capital | Egyptian International Construction Company | Space Consultants | Mega Print

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