Real estate tycoon that led the market since 1948, under the name of one of the most prominent family groups of business magnates, El Attal Holding, has been OOH active lately, with a strong dominant outdoor strategy across Greater Cairo. With various successful residential projects on the ground, El Attal has been keen on building communities with built-together neighbourhoods, as well as creating modern yet sophisticated projects for their luxurious target segment. One of these prominent projects is Park Lane, the world’s first compoundhood!

Its OOH journey started with a teaser campaign back in February 2019, followed by a launching announcement of their first phase on a vast outdoor advertising campaign later in July. Now, El Attal continues by releasing another OOH campaign on Cairo’s billboards, bringing more good news and surprises to their longing audience.

We met with Mohamed El Attal, CEO of Park Lane and Vice-Chairman at El-Attal Holding to reveal the behind the scenes of this eye-catching campaign, sharing with us the story behind this campaign, in a very interesting conversation.

First of all, is it really true, Park Lane is a world’s unique project?

Yes indeed, Park Lane is the world’s first compoundhood in the world! For those who do not know what that means, it’s simply El Attal’s one-way-ticket to bringing the best of both; worlds combining innovative architecture, with the neighbour-compoundhood idea in the heart of the New Capital, rising above the usual standards of the traditional real estate projects.

When it comes to “Serenity Lane” phase in particular, we are driving our residence to reach the highest level of peace of mind via consecutive lanes of mental and physical stops that compliments the whole idea of chilling and relaxing as if the compoundhood is their escape room, fleeing the chaos of the city. 

What’s the strategy behind releasing the campaign at this time?

We need to announce the release of our new phase of Park Lane; “Serenity Lane” with a remarkable OOH branding campaign. Since our teaser campaignwe have witnessed the high-demand of the project in 2019, knowing that OOH as a medium plays a vital role to any real estate developer all year long.

What was your inspiration behind the campaign’s artwork?

The campaign’s inspiration lies within our desire to reflect livability, culture and peaceful atmosphere. The main objective of the campaign’s artwork is to show the core value of the El-Attal Holding brand, the concept introducing the nature of Park Lane that calling its residents, we aim to ensure the perception of the project, in order to attract the right culture to the right home.

When it comes to execution, do you design your campaigns’ artwork in-house or through an agency?

Well, we have an inhouse dedicated creative team, we live our concepts everyday, our culture has been coherent in our guts, the reason behind this fantastic production. From the brainstorming to the creation, It took our workforce around a week of consistent-hard work, another week to edit and optimize the final production.

Finally, we would like to know how it is like to live at Park Lane?

The whole concept of our compoundhood phases is to create the perfect ambiance for those who are longing for a private and well-secured recreational edge; filled with passion, relief and peace, in addition to the privilege of waking up to the best views possible every single day.

 On the other side, Park Lane also provides various activities and ambiences for both adults and kids to deliver an unforgettable energetic experience every time, including outdoor living areas, reading rooms, signature spa, Crossfit gym, boutique cinema, shared study rooms, shared kitchens, with all the safety concerns and procedures to guarantee a high-level of safety. It’s a new culture born.

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