Because sharing with those who are less fortunate than we are, helps in reaching social integration, one of the very first charities in the UAE, Da Al Ber Society, has released an outdoor campaign to ask for Islam’s third pillar through the billboards of Dubai, demonstrating how only "2.5%" of what you own can do much to others who have nothing. 

Using emotional appeal to tackle your feelings, indicating that “Your Zakat with Dar Al Ber Society”, “It means life to the needy and a blessing to your life”; sincere bilingual copy of the non-profit organization, showing kids aspiring to a brighter future in the background. Other visuals add a dark background to display a poor desperate kid. At the same time, the ad copy explains, “A meal for a needy person with Dar Al Ber Society”,  reinforcing their copy with “Just one meal makes a big difference to others”.

It’s known that Dar Al Ber Society takes care of the ones in need through educational initiatives, social initiatives, health initiatives, needy families initiatives, individual initiatives, and more to keep the Emirati society socially and economically balanced.

The campaign was seen in the second week of July around Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Khail St to spread their good deeds across Dubai, UAE.

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