The famous insecticide brand, Raid, has shown up in the streets to boost awareness about its products' quality, promoting both Raid's Aerosol and Liquid Spray, highlighting their "Quick effects" under the slogan, "To protect your family." Making a substantial presence as the summer approaches, considered a season for insecticides products.

After nearly a year since its last OOH campaign in August, Raid has emerged on an extensive media plan with creative concepts, introducing two separate copies to promote each product solely, each associated with a different background color for clear differentiation. Raid Aerosol appears on a simple white background with a reposted artwork but a modified copy that emphasizes its immediate effect, magnifying its "odorless" trait on the bottle and stressing it also in a yellow stripe with a red font for maximum contrast and attention.

Simultaneously, the other copy displays the "Mosquitos Killer" Liquid Spray used at night for prevention, accordingly, illustrating night mode with a black background. The pack is presented clearly to show its low price of "EGP 37". It appears on creative die-cuts as well, sided by the words "Staying awake every night to protect your family from mosquitoes", intersected by a yellow-highlighted line that indicates "Quick effect with lasting protection".

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Campaign Credits

Industry: Home Care Products

Brand: Raid

Advertiser: SC Johnson & Son Inc

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Awareness Campaign

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