In the light of COVID-19’s outbreak, advertisers are racing to release, promote, and reinforce their pandemic-related products to make sure it helps in both increasing their ROI and meet their customers’ hygienic needs. “High level distinficant & sanitizer” SHEILDme has turned to the billboards of Dubai to fill the gap of the supply and demand of sanitizers in Dubai, UAE.

The 100% natural product has been proved to have “No alcohol” which makes it “Safe on humans”, adding that it “Kills 99% of viruses and bacteria”, as referred to in the bilingual ad copy. While the visuals show different sizes and packaging of the sanitizer with a simple die-cut to add more creativity to the billboards, moreover, the bottom side announces that you can purchase SHIELDme from “Noon” and “Amazon”.

It’s also known that SHIELDme is totally versable, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and a non-irritant product, which kills fungi, mold, and spores. Used in many industries, SHIELDme can be used in tandem with other products as well, which increases its medical benefits even more.

Seen on hoardings, lampposts and rooftop digital out-of-home screens (DOOH), the campaign popped up in the first week of July in Dubai, in addition to The Palm Jumeirah Island, UAE.

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