Cairo's billboards have been hosting both Cladex Industries and Epson on one out-of-home advertising campaign to spread more awareness about the two brands, including their incredible services.

Egypt’s leading sheet metal fabricator, Cladex has joined forces with the international fabric printer, Epson, to inform us of their services, using transactional marketing strategy. On similar design templates, Cladex is explaining that they can “Cut – Shape – Operate”, “All kinds of metals,” as shown on the visual’s collage, using “Trumpf Fiber laser” and other techniques.

While Epson elaborates that they offer “Fabric printers” both types of “Direct – Sublimation”, referring that their printers use the “CMYK” colour model. Both visuals include a phone number at the bottom as a call-to-action for the billboards viewers.

All the answers for this campaign’s details, including its budget, media plan, OOH kinds ... etc., can be found at MOOH, the dedicated OOH media intelligence company and analysis system in Egypt and The Emirates that works on tracking, monitoring and analyzing all the OOH campaigns out there.

The Art & Science of OOH

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