Sky Investments introduced the exclusive business-centric development, Park St., on the streets of Cairo with an awareness OOH campaign, to showcase its inclusive utilities with various copies on the road for brand positioning, and announce that it's "Delivering Now" different types of units. The campaign arrived nearly six months after its last OOH campaign in January.

Located in Sheikh Zayed district, the commercial project Park St. advantageously utilizes the billboards to spread the word about its different features and facilities available, putting up multiple visuals and words to display the variety and value of its deliverables. The copies included some branding messages like "A Place Where Business Meets Leisure," "Integrated Medical Clinics," and "Park Connected Office Space.". In contrast, other lines were meant to highlight Park St.'s "Flexible Plan" on the delivery of "Prime Office Spaces" and "Specialized Clinics." Also, Park St. was keen to mention its safety precautions of ongoing progress with the message "We Stay Safe While Building On."

All copies surfaced with a spacious logo at the top of the template, placing Park St.'s website address and hotline at the bottom as a call-to-action, as well as its tagline "Workday. Nightlife" on the other side.

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Campaign Credits

Industry: Real Estate

Brand: Park St.

Advertiser: Sky Investments

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Awareness Campaign | Sheikh Zayed City

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