The FMCG giant P&G has made a substantial presence on Dubai's roads with an extended outdoor media plan introducing Ariel's new robust 3in1 PODS, and affirming the effectiveness of its original washing powder in killing "99.9% of bacteria and viruses".

The OOH campaign was launched with separate visuals to promote both products simultaneously, especially to emphasize the new 3in1 PODS by installing multiple visuals to highlight its quality. Visuals rise with a copy questioning "Do You POD?" stirring people's attention to the new, unfamiliar washing capsules. Introducing the 3in1 cleaning quality of the PODS that "Cleans," "Brightens," and "Removes Stain". Appearing with two different characters wearing both dark and white-colored clothes split into halves, showing the contrast before and after using Ariel PODS, and visually answering the expected doubts of which colors the detergent works with.

In parallel, another advertisement ran on a smaller scale to capitalize on Ariel's original washing powder's performance, with a red-highlighted copy that ensures it kills "99.9% of bacteria", underlining its advantage properly in line with the increased concern of hygiene and personal care since the Coronavirus outbreak.  

The OOH campaign surfaced on the last week of June, appearing on Hoardings, digital out-of-home (DOOH) screens, and lampposts. Across Sheikh Zayed Rd, Baniyas St, Rabat St, Al Khail St, and Heasaa St. in Dubai, UAE.

The Art & Science of OOH

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