Al Mansour Automotive arrives at the billboards with a promotional OOH campaign for its two exceptional models with a "Discount up to EGP 20,000" for the spacious seven-seat car Peugeot 5008 SUV, and "Special offer up to EGP 30,000" for the highly categorized 508 for a "Limited Time," only three months following its last outdoor campaign in March for both vehicles too.

The OOH campaign surfaced with similar glamorous photos of the 5008 SUV that appeared in the previous campaign, with visuals showcasing the front and back sides of a classy grey colored one, topped with its lately used slogan "A Journey for 7". On the other hand, other visuals appeared a few weeks later displaying a sportive red-colored 508, illustrating the elegant outside look of the car, as well as giving a glimpse of the driver's seat to demonstrate its interior beauty.

Both ads popped up with a whole separate blue-colored visual, bringing up the hugely competitive discount singly centered on the visual for guaranteed visibility, taking advantage of reliability and trust that blue color often delivers. The visuals also display the sponsor Mobil's logo at the bottom as the recommended oil, sided by the announcement of "24/7 Road Assistance" and the hotline.

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