In parallel to its very recent OOH campaign in May, Telecom Egypt made it to the billboards once again in a matter of weeks with an OOH campaign dedicated to online entertainment offerings. The campaign is launched with two different copies to promote the online tournaments "Safe Mode" organized by WE, and hype people up for the upcoming second season of its music festival streamed online.

The outdoor campaign came up with the Safe Mode tournament initiated to inspire and cherish people to stay home through different online gaming competitions and video challenges on PC, PS, and mobiles. Appearing with a humorous illustration that shows a man playing with a joystick excitingly while looking out of the window, sided by the direct call-to-actions "Join our Tournaments Now," "Stay Safe," "Stay Entertained," and "Practice Social Distancing." And bottomed by WE's supporting online packages.

At the same time, other visuals displayed a lively drawing of a colorful guitar with an announcement of producing "The first online music festival in Egypt," followed by the hashtag "#WEOnlineMusicFestival" and a CTA for fans to follow on Facebook and YouTube.

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