For three consecutive months, AW Rostamani Arabian Automobiles; Nissan’s sole distributor in the UAE have been extremely active on the billboards of Dubai, focusing on its ongoing automotive glam to get their audiences the best offers for different automotive brands, repeating the successful pattern in June with an out-of-home multi- promotional summer campaign.

After going big in Ramadan with a promotional OOH campaign, AW Rostamani is being generous again this time with a summer offer, allowing their audiences to “Pay nothing this summer” with “Guaranteed cashback”, “Down payment support”, “Free registration”, “Free insurance”, “5 years warranty” and also “Free service”, ending with a creative CTA, asking people “Not to miss this offer” and “Visit us today” by placing their website URL for Dubai.

Another offer  “Leasing innovation for everyone” according to the ad copy is promoting the car dealer’s offer for individual leasing, not forgetting the fantastic appearance of the 2020 all-season Nissan Altima in a hot red color.

This time, the automotive dealer has gone wild with its extensive media plan, spreading over several premium locations with uni-poles and rooftop billboards in Deira, Al Ittihad Rd and Ibn Battuta City in Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai, moreover,there were uni-poles spotted in Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Road in Sharjah to display their individuals’ leasing offer. In contrast, several lampposts were seen in Al Ittihad Rd in Ajman to promote their mega summer offer.

The Art & Science of OOH

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