The past few months made all of us witness new abnormal circumstances due to the outbreak of COVID-19, which has undoubtedly brought our spirits down. New terms have entered our daily conversation; social distancing, quarantine, pandemic, and more, leaving us in shock, fearing not only for our health but also for our beloved ones’. 

As a result of all the global tension, many brands, agencies, and corporates have paid back to their society by tackling their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), each with the way that suits their essence. BackLite, a Dubai based multi-national outdoor media company that has been leading the market since 1996 has joined forces with Meraas, Dubai’s holding company to create a DOOH campaign, raising the people of Emirates awareness and spirit during the hard time of the epidemic we’re living. 

“Participating in any awareness initiative is always a pleasure and sought-after opportunity that we happily participate in”, Ahmed Emam said proudly, BackLite’s Head of Destinations-DOOH. Emam started to elaborate more about how DOOH has affected the richness of the campaign and how It delivered the message of BackLite efficiently; “Any campaign is considered a story that includes connectivity, reach, engagement, and message. With DOOH, especially through video/full-motion artworks, merging these aspects became easy and crystal-clear, taking OOH advertising to a different level of audience engagement and actions”.

The campaign’s copy has moved us all when seen on Dubai’s billboards, by including a straight-forward awareness message in between its many layers, promising people that if we only “Spread kindness”, compromising “Being together” “By being Apart” just for now to gather again later in no time.  

Meanwhile, the digital out of home media has played a crucial role in narrating the story that BackLite Media intended to tell, portraying the act of social distancing. DOOH has made the ad copy a huge favour, causing it to expand gradually to reflect social distancing while linking it to our beloved ones’ safety and health in an extremely creative yet straight forward scene. 

All this would have never happened without BackLite’s workforce, which made sure everything goes on schedule, excellently planned, and well-executed. “We have an experienced team who can produce these videos at concise notice,” Emam elaborated, adding that the team handles arranging dates for the video production, coordinating with the Content Management team, making sure the final product gets on-screen on cue.

And on their partnership with Meraas Ahmed talked about how Meraas introduced new OOH destinations to Dubai, which changed the way people interact and move across the City. “With the high-quality screens and premium locations, it matches our premium portfolio of locations, and it fits with our clients’ expectations and way of advertising,” Emam added. The two tycoons have worked together for years, executing and producing several campaigns for different prominent clients and multiple industries, such as Mercedes, Chaumet, Messika, Van Cleef and Arpels. 

Worthy to be mentioned BackLite Media has been integrating its business in Dubai since 1996, with a focused specialization OOH Media, with a Swedish origin. BackLite is proud to be the exclusive Media House of the most premium static and digital OOH media in Dubai. Their uni-poles cover Sheikh Zayed Road from the WTC up to Mall of the Emirates, and their DOOH destinations are considered Dubai’s most happening places. In 2019 they managed to add Cinema and Mall advertising to their portfolio via partnerships with Novo, Roxy, Dubai Festival City, and The Galleria Al Maryah Island in Abu Dhabi.

Stay tuned for more interviews and Experts Talk with the market's tycoons in Dubai, UAE, narrating, discussing and revealing more about the media you can't turn off.

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