As expected by lots of OOH experts and as seen in the last period’s number of out-of-home campaigns in the market, COVID-19 outbreak’s negative effect has reached the media that you can’t turn off with a decline in Cairo’s billboards occupancy in comparison to the previous months of flourish and business.

With 44% of occupied locations which leaves 56% of available ones, it’s normal to anticipate that the new campaigns will decline as well with 25% only, while 75% goes to the ongoing campaigns from previous months.  The numbers have also revealed that the total number of campaigns of April is 53 campaigns less than that of March, having real estate industry on the top as the only constant variable in the OOH media’s equation, with an occupancy of 37% which is 8% less than its market share that appeared on March’s Market Insights. As a silver lining, some industries have witnessed a slight rising in numbers, such as Telecommunications, Foodservice, and Healthcare.

Tracking and monitoring the OOH landscape every single month to analyze the scene, enabling the entire outdoor enthusiast to predict their upcoming moves, depending on numbers that have never failed to support them.

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Industry: Marketing & Advertising


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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

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