The classic Tseppas patisserie came back to the streets with an OOH campaign for Eid al-Fitr after more than two years since its last outdoor campaign, introducing its tasty Eid cookies this year in collaboration with Fair Trade Egypt, an NGO that sells Egyptian handmade crafts. To support the low income "handcrafts artists" by promoting and selling their work through integration with Tseppas products.

The OOH campaign is part of a multichannel campaign that started with a TV ad that plays an exciting and inspirational jingle involving different characters of handcrafters. The outdoor campaign's visual arrives with an illustration of a tray of cookies split in half, followed by the copy question "plain or garnished?" creatively written in a classic Arabic font that's often blended with decorative calligraphy. Then followed by the call-to-action "Buy Tseppas cookies and support the handcrafts artists," generously giving a hand to the Egyptian hard workers who're trying to promote their work in a precious marketing move. 

The outdoor campaign was seen in the second week of May, appearing on uni-poles and double-decker poles across different locations in Greater Cairo.

Tseppas returns to Cairo's billboards with "Garnished Cookies" for Eid al-Fitr-00
Tseppas returns to Cairo's billboards with "Garnished Cookies" for Eid al-Fitr-00

Campaign Credits

Industry: Foodservice

Brand: Tseppas

Advertiser: Tseppas MG

OOH Size: Double-decker Pole | Uni-Pole

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Eid al-Fitr Campaign | Fair Trade Egypt

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