After sharing the latest OOH advertisements released by fashion brands in April's recap, today we cover the fashion action happening in the streets for May, in what appears to be such limited outdoor media plans, yet fashionable, by the special Italian Fendi, and the widely loved in Middle East, Splash Fashions.


Known for its exceptional fur clothes and leather products, and one of the top brands from the leading business conglomerate LVMH Group, Fendi comes up with an OOH advertisement in the middle of Sheikh Zayed Road to showcase some of the women's newest extraordinary accessories. The luxurious Italian brand appears showing a visual that features one model wearing two different sets of Fendi's accessories, captured in two separate shots, and intersected by Fendi's logo. Illustrating the wide variety of fashion products at Fendi and the flexibility to match whatever your desired style or mood.

The outdoor advertisement was seen in the first week of May, appearing on a uni-pole in Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.


As the largest fashion retailer in the Middle East, with a majority of Muslim countries, Splash Fashions shows up with an outdoor ad to introduce the arrival of the new collection for Ramadan, announcing its availability in all Centrepoint stores located across the UAE, highlighting as well the continuity of being "Committed to 100% sustainability" to reflect that Splash is always up to the goodness of the environment. Splash fashions and Centrepoint stores are originally part of the conglomerate Landmark Group, both appear on the ad with Centrepoint's logo at the bottom, and Splash's website address put onto a die-cut over the hoarding. They came up to display some of the new very special turbines and Hijabi wears, targeting the large segment of Muslim women in Emirates, who would be interested to get a fresh piece from splash for the holy month.

The outdoor ad popped up in the first week of May, appearing on a hoarding in Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai.

So apparently, this month was not much crowded with fashion brands as the previous one, but it definitely witnessed two of the iconic and most beloved brands in the streets of Dubai, with a quite impressive collection of clothing and accessories. Stay tuned for more of the upcoming coverage of splendid fashion brands in the land of luxury, Dubai.

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