The leading Japanese car manufacturer Nissan, one of the most beloved vehicles in the streets of Dubai, has shown up on billboards with a broad outdoor media strategy to bring a quite special offer in Ramadan. Promising people to "Pay Nothing" during the holy month with the delivery of free after-sales services and incredible payment facilities. Today, we bring you this campaign following the coverage of Nissan's campaign in the automotive campaigns recap for March

With a portfolio of a wide variety of cars, from the top-performing sedans reaching the Emiratis' favorite 4x4 automobiles, Nissan is a widely acknowledged and beloved brand in Dubai. It belongs to one of the largest automotive dealers in the Gulf region, Arabian Automobiles, the sole distributor of Nissan and several other brands, and part of the leading business conglomerate in UAE, AW Rostamani Group.

The OOH campaign popped up with different ad copies employed in both English and Arabic languages, appearing on one visual that displays four distinctive models of Nissan vehicles: X-Trail, Maxima, Altima, and Kicks, bottomed by the highlights of "Free Insurance," "Free Service," "Guaranteed Cashback," and "Down Payment Support." While another visual shows up with the highly demanded Nissan Patrol standing alone, including the advantages of "5 Years Warranty" and "3 Years Free Service". Both promising that "Peace of Mind awaits you," revealing that you'll "Pay nothing this Ramadan". On the other hand, all these unique benefits were displayed separately on a sequel of lampposts that included the extra call-to-action "Don't Miss Out. Call 800 Nissan", guaranteeing a massive delivery and reach for the audience with a huge trigger.

The outdoor campaign was seen on Dubai's Roads at the end of April, followed by expansion over other locations during the whole month of Ramadan, showing up on uni-poles, lampposts, rooftop billboard, and a digital screen. All spread across Deira, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, Al Ittihad Street, and Oud Maitha Street in Dubai.

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