The renowned butter brand LURPAK has shown up in the streets of Dubai with an OOH campaign delivering the new LURPAK Soft butter, "So soft to be spooned." The top-quality Danish butter is one of a kind, it's among the best butter products worldwide, belonging to one of the largest dairy products companies Arla Foods, and existing since 1901. The outdoor campaign is released on Dubai roads to spread the word about the new LURPAK Soft, which appears to be the smoothest butter ever. It was seen in the first week of March, running till the beginning of May, appearing on uni-poles and lampposts across Sheikh Zayed and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed roads in Dubai. 

The LURPAK Soft product is highly targeted for the Middle East especially, since people in the Middle East are well known for consuming soft butter when cooking, preferably over the original ones. It explains why the new "So Soft" butter is most probably going to be highly demanded in Dubai, particularly during Ramadan, when food is much tastier.

The campaign's visuals appeared in Arabic language to introduce the new red-striped package, demonstrating the softness of a spoonful of butter, illustrating that's "So soft to be spooned," in addition to a copy that's spoken to women who love to create their own magic with butter, calling them to "Master your cooking" to indicate that the new LURPAK Soft is the new secret recipe for delicious creations.

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