Since March has begun, the pioneer telecommunication company, Etisalat UAE, has started an everlasting sequel of different offers and promotions to be displayed on Dubai’s roads till the last week of April. With an ongoing multi-promotional campaign, Etisalat appears to present various advantages and multiple features that all work for the privilege of a prime service and a stronger connection between the people in Emirates by Etisalat as "Together Matters" for real.

Wasel Gifts

Etisalat is offering the chance to win a prize every single time you recharge if you are a Wasel subscriber already. The campaign's visual appears illustrating a box of gifts that contains extra mobile data, credit, bonus SMS, and other Wasel Gifts. It's placed just in between Etisalat's recharging code, guaranteed to be delivered once you recharge the mobile phone, and stating that no matter if you're "lucky or not, win every time you recharge with Wasel Gifts" The OOH campaign was seen on bridge billboards and lampposts, spread all over Sheikh Zayed Road, Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, Hassa Street, and Al Khail Street in Dubai.

Samsung Galaxy S20 series

As the new Samsung Galaxy S20 series was released earlier this year, Etisalat has come up with an OOH advertisement across a bridge billboard in the middle of Sheikh Zayed Road, to announce the availability of the new phone on board with an exclusive benefit for Etisalat users, appearing with the call-to-action "Get it now and enjoy a free upgrade every 90 days".

IPhone 11

With an exciting opportunity, Etisalat showed up on an outdoor appearance to let it be known that you're now able to "Replace your current mobile phone with a new iPhone 11 starting from AED 2,012". The OOH ad appears with a simple visual that highlights the announcement clearly with no extra unneeded copies, installed on a bridge billboard, over Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai.

Fastest in the Region

In another creative and attractive ad to witness, Etisalat puts up an impressive OOH ad to capitalize on its very high speed of connection, recognized by Ookla, the leading website for testing the speed and performance of internet connection.

The campaign appears to display three different objects with the speed of each one stated above it. We can see a falcon firstly, the incredibly fast Peregrine falcon, topped with the word "Fast". It’s followed then by a top professional racing car, stated as "Faster", while Etisalat's logo comes lastly, appearing definitely like the "Fastest" of them. Creatively reflecting how good Etisalat's connection is, and positioning in minds that indeed it's the "Fastest in the Region". The campaign surfaced on bridge billboards located across Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai.

elife Unlimited Sports

Etisalat has introduced its promising offer on the elife Unlimited Sports service; it went down the streets to deliver a "50% off the first three months". The OOH campaign appears with a visual that demonstrates a group of men cheering and watching football, encouraging you to “Score big this season”, as well as highlighting that it's "the region's fastest network". The campaign was seen on bridge billboards and lampposts across Sheikh Zayed and Mohammed Bin Zayed Roads in Dubai.

Business Edge

Aside from consumer services and products from Etisalat, it's now "Introducing Business Edge" to the billboards of Dubai, giving more exposure for the innovative and inclusive platform that's made to assist you through your business. To announce that Business Edge is "A comprehensive platform for all your business needs" for all spectators. The campaign's visuals popped up on bridge billboards in the middle of Sheikh Zayed and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed roads in Dubai.


Speaking of creativity once again, Etisalat has shown up with another creative OOH ad to turn the spotlights on "The region's first 5G network". The visual interestingly showing a skydiver flying down with his feet crossing the template's border on a die-cut concept design, illustrating the superb feature of "Downloading at the speed of 500km/h" like a skydiver through 5G from Etisalat. The OOH advertisement was seen distributed over uni-poles and lampposts across Sheikh Zayed Road and  Al Khail Street in Dubai.

 As we can observe, Etisalat UAE has chosen to spread most of its advertising messages on bridge billboards, taking advantage of its wide-scale for the visual and copies visibility, and putting into consideration both English and Arabic languages for a broader reach of its messages.

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