With much anticipation from Cairo’s billboards viewers, Pepsico Egypt has revealed its OOH campaign for Ramadan 2020 to announce its special promotion for Pepsi lovers with an outdoor advertising campaign.

Switching their marketing strategy from using celebrity branding tactic just like what they did in 2019’s Ramadan OOH campaign to using promotional marketing this time, realizing that now people are staying at home to ask them “More time?”, “More Pepsi”, gifting their wide-range of audiences “0.5 additional liters”, all displayed on their branded color wishing everyone a good time, adding "Ramadan 2020 with Pepsi". Not to forget that Pepsi did not miss the chance to announce that the offer is also valid for their sister beverages Mirinda and 7UP, also announcing that the 1 liter of Pepsi Black have arrived at the billboards of Cairo.

The campaign was spotted during the last few days of April, appearing on double-decker poles, mega-signs, and billboards to demonstrate the brand's huge media plan on the billboards of Greater Cairo, Egypt.

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