As Dubai is firmly known for its amazing touristic destinations and incredible facilities, it's easy to guess that top class and leading fashion brands have to be present in the land of luxury. Through the last month, Dior, Tom Ford, and Hermes have climbed up uni-poles in the middle of Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai to showcase some of their elegant and fancy pieces.

Affected by the epidemic of COVID-19, very few fashion brands had the chance to release OOH advertisements on Dubai’s billboards, following the action in Dubai streets covered in March, here's a quick glimpse of the ones who made it in April.


The French Christian Dior SE, known with the brand name Dior, and part of the world leader in luxury LVMH Group, went down the street in Dubai with an OOH ad featuring Dior's supermodel Selena Forrest. She appears putting on one of the exceptional Dior glasses, the 30Montaigne Black Square Sunglasses, captured in a very simple and pure visual that displays it clearly, and sided only by Dior's Logo. Spotted in the popular Sheikh Zayed Road on uni-poles, the ad  was out there during the second week of April in Dubai, UAE.

Hermès Paris

The classic Hermès has popped up with an outdoor advertisement in Dubai to give exposure to some of its unmatchable Rouge collection from Hermès. Models appear while wearing different colors of Hermès’ lustrous lipstick. With a set of many designed for display in front of them, sided by a copy that says " Hermès, beauty is a gesture" to emphasize that all you need is a small gesture from Hermès Rouge, showing up in both English and Arabic languages on two separate visuals. The ad was spotted in the first week of April on uni-poles in Sheikh Zayed Road.

Tom Ford

Seen in Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai on uni-poles in the second week of April; the luxury brand that is named after the American fashion designer and artist Tom Ford to promote their “Eyewear” collection on the billboards of Dubai. The visuals portray one of their models wearing an elegant eyeglass in a profile-shot the most fashionable way ever. The ad copy only includes the brand’s name and category in both Arabic and English.


En­glish and Arabic localization, the use of models and brand ambassadors, appearing in Sheikh Zayed Road and finally, the minimum use of ad copy were the common things in the structure and strategy of the Fashion Wear ads on the billboards of Dubai, UAE, where all were seeking the highest count of turning heads on the roads to get the needed exposure for their brands.

It was also witnessed that some fashion brands have been spotted from the end of March till mid or/and half April on different advertisements across Dubai’s billboards such as adidas, Splash, Mango, Max, Net-A-Porter and Bottega Veneta. Waiting for the pandemic to fade away, the billboards of Dubai are expecting lots of other fashion brands to appear with decent media plans, making more noise with their upcoming summer collections, so stay tuned as we cover it.

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