The Video-On-Demand (VOD) service Watch IT returns to the billboards of Cairo with a new awareness campaign to seize the Ramadan season by displaying their services and privileges on an outdoor advertising campaign, following their very first OOH campaign almost a year ago.

Raining entertainment on Cairo’s billboards, Watch It has been spotted on several OOH campaigns for top broadcast media brands such as ON, DMC, Alhayat, and CBC to inform the public that they can enjoy all these series without the boredom of all the TV breaks that we know and hate by placing their logo on the same exact place in every campaign. This time, Watch It is directly branding themselves with the same branded black background and similar template design to their previous campaign, adding their subscription fees, while ensuring their potential clients that “All Ramadan’s series are here”. 

The visuals have their displayed series such as "البرنس" by Mohamed Ramadan, "فرصة تانية" by Yasmine Sabri, "الفتوة" starring Yasser Galal, Mahmoud Hemeda, Khaled Elnabawy, and Riham Hagag in "لما كنا صغيرين", Nelly Karim and Asser Yassin joining forces in"بـ100 وش", "Valentino" by the megastar Adel Emam and more of your favorite Ramadan shows. 

The huge campaign popped on the roads just before Ramadan with its massive media plan during the third week of April, using uni-poles, double-decker poles, mega-signs, and billboards in various locations across Greater Cairo.

Watch iT dominates Cairo’s billboards just for Ramadan-00
Watch iT dominates Cairo’s billboards just for Ramadan-00

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