AlHayah TV appears on Cairo's billboards in Ramadan by Media World Advertising, to promote its combination of TV series with a massive OOH campaign on the roads.

AlHayah TV brings Ramadan shows to the billboards with an interesting combination of TV series, including two very promising and exclusive shows for the channel like "الفتوة", starring the action superstar Yasser Galal, and "بـ100 وش" series featuring the lovely Nelly Karim and Asser Yassin. The campaign display other superstars with their shows, like Mahmoud Hemeda, Khaled Elnabawy, and Riham Hagag in "لما كنا صغيرين", the megastar Yousra in "خيانة عهد", Lamiaa Fahmy in "الدنيا بخير" show, and the unmatchable comedian duo Ali Rabie and Mostafa Khater in "عمرودياب" show. These shows will be streamed through AlHayah TV as Watch it application that its own logo appears on the top of the visual.

The campaign took place on the billboards in the second week of April, appearing on uni-poles, mega-signs, and a combination of double-decker poles across many locations in Greater Cairo.

Alhayah TV came up on the billboards for Ramadan shows-00
Alhayah TV came up on the billboards for Ramadan shows-00

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