The National Bank of Dubai (Emirates NBD) was seen on the billboards of Dubai, UAE to educate the people of Emirates with an awareness outdoor advertising campaign against the pandemic of COVID-19, writing straight-forward pledges that we all need to consider as a must.

Collaborating with their media partner Hills Advertising, Emirates NBD is asking their audiences to make a vow to take all the right precautions against Coronavirus to guarantee a safe and soon exit. The hero ad copy is considered the hero of the campaign, where the messages are the most highlighted element of the design as a whole, under the name of “معًا نتغلب” which translates to “Together we will conquer” COVID-19, the Emirati bank asked people to Pledge to stay at home”,” Pledge to wash hands”, “Pledge to support physical destining”, “Pledge not to spread rumors”, “Pledge not to hoard” all localized in Arabic as well, as we mentioned before on INSITE OOH’s solidarity outdoor campaigns recap not too long ago.

Known for signing many Memorandum of understanding (MOUs) with multiple other companies such as INJAZ and Kheir Wa Baraka, Emirates NBD is no stranger to the world of Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) with a proven record on the ground, in fact, they released their CSR framework in Egypt to help in many different sectors such as non-profit and educational organizations as much as they can, this time they portrayed their CSR on the outdoor media to help to raise our spirits with a COVID-19 counter-attack campaign.

The noticeable media plan was seen on several bridge billboards in Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai Marine, Al Khail Street, Deira Airport Street, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, thirsty for visibility and exposure among the billboards of Dubai, UAE.

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