From the light of the Corporates Social Responsibility (CSR) and out of their vow to stand behind the Egyptian community against our fight, facing COVID-19; brands, advertisers, OOH agencies, corporates and licensing authorities have released several social initiatives through the billboards of Cairo, Egypt to help in containing the outbreak once and forever. Some used small media plans to participate in making a difference while others like SODIC and Maven Developments choose to go big with large media plans, spreading more knowledge on the road.

Cairo Festival City

Switching their own OOH location at the CFC entrance in 90 St, New Cairo; the popular shopping mall turned to the billboards to pay tribute to healthcare workers all over Egypt and inspire them. The visual illustrates doctors and nurses fronting a heart shape on the background, sided by the solidary message "Our health care heroes, we salute you and thank you for your bravery and sacrifice. We will celebrate your victory soon", written in both Arabic and English languages.

 Banque Misr

The national bank Banque Misr has joined the move, using their yearly booked locations of on uni-poles and billboards to raise awareness in a limited media plan. The visuals are pushing its online banking services in the streets, acting as a reminder for people that Banque Misr is always available to support people stay home and keep managing their accounts and operations from inside. Visuals demonstrate all online brands of the bank, BM online, BM wallet, and Meeza Card. All topped by an ad copy, informing people to "Stay home and reach us". Get to know more about this OOH campaign by pressing on the hyperlink.

Hassan Allam

The leading real estate developer Hassan Allam has joined the movement with a loving gesture for all people staying home, supporting social distance creatively with an emotional message to inspire people and show solidarity. The ad displays the popular heart shape that's formed by two hands while each hand is distant from the other, with the quote "Socially distant, in space not in heart" in-between, bottomed by the words "From our family to yours, #StayHomeStayDistant.” only in English to direct their message to the residences and potential clients of the Hassan Allam community. 


Kentucky Fried Chicken has turned to the billboards of Cairo to announce that it's now "Delivering for free" to make it easier for KFC lovers to have their favorite meals while staying home. The OOH campaign's visual has the announcement written in the red catchy KFC's brand color, appearing on a white background beside its famous box of fried chicken, and followed by the global hashtag #stayhome in Arabic.

Maven Developments

One of the very first advertisers to raise awareness and step up courageously on the billboards of Cairo, Maven Developments took direct moves to ask people to stay home during the pandemic of coronavirus. The real estate developer installed two visuals only with one clear message, "Let's stay home together. Every person matters", which creatively blends with the brand tagline "The things that matter" while adding the hashtag #staysafe at the bottom, using only the English language to highlight their targeted audience and make sure they get the message.

Maven presented the visuals in three different colors using the mix of red, white and blue to make sure that viewers cannot miss the catchy announcement by installing it on Cairo’s billboards on the 23rd of March 2020, using billboards, double-decker poles, mega-signs and uni-poles in a huge media plan distributed in different prime locations across Greater Cairo. To see how we covered up this outdoor campaign, click on the link. 


The well-known Mobica Furniture shop barely appears on the billboards of Cairo, but in the middle of the current situation, it went to spread awareness about staying home. Mobica showed up with a simple white visual that displays the five main values related to Mobica's product categories and its five famous colored symbols. "Live. Learn. Work. Shop. Heal" are what Mobica offers through its home, educational, office, and healthcare utilities' furniture, all written in the English language to dedicate the campaign to certain demographics that fit their targeted segmentation. They appear on the ad as different call-to-actions that are followed by "From home" to let viewers realize that Mobica can serve its customers without having to leave their homes.

Mountain View

The real estate giant Mountain View used the billboards of Cairo to raise donations for hospitals and health organizations to afford the needed tools and equipment for the quarantine hospitals and isolation programs. The campaign is based on the initiative lead by Masr Al-Kheir non-profit organization. It displays the hotline number clearly for donations as well as the hashtag #Standtogether in the middle of both organizations' logos that appears on uni-poles, double-decker poles, and billboards in the first week of April on various locations across Greater Cairo. Stay tuned till we fully cover this OOH campaign on INSITE OOH platform.


The National Bank of Egypt appeared with a limited media plan at an early stage of the outbreak to show solidarity on their annual locations with three visuals then expanded on the second week of April by booking new locations, feeling the urge to spread more awareness. The ad copy mentions “Thank you” directing their thanks to “The people of Egypt”, “All the appreciation and thanks goes to all the heroic governmental who are working for the sake of the Egyptian people’s comfort” with an all-Arabic language ad copy, adding a hashtag “#أبطال_أهل_مصر” which translates to “#EgyptianHeros”. Other visuals included a special thanks to NBE workers for their loyalty and responsibility towards the community. Be up-to-date and follow us to get the full overview of this campaign soon.


Following their 2018’s OOH campaign to raise awareness against texting while driving, real estate pioneer SODIC hits one more as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to inform people that “Our actions TOGETHER define a brighter tomorrow” in the master copy, while other visuals have different messages, asking the Egyptian community to stay safe at home with many encouraging ways. The copy was all in Arabic for the very first time in SODIC’s OOH history, widening their targeted segmentation to include not only their community and clients but also all the Egyptian people as a whole. The campaign has a large noticeable media plan unlike most of the companies that released COVID-19 awareness campaigns to show how much the tycoon developer cares about paying back to the Egyptian community. Browse who we review this amazing outdoor campaign on the daily news section. 

Mostakbal City

Writing their logo in Arabic typography for the very first time, Mostakbal City; the real estate destination seems to be aware of how to react in such situations by writing their ad copy in both Arabic and English to include all the segmentations out there. The campaign was seen on prime locations using billboards, double-decker poles and uni-poles on their branded dark blue color bottom of the ad has their released hashtag in slang Arabic language, stating " #خليك_في_البيت" translating it to “#Stayome” and “#Staysafe”. Wait for the coverage of this out-of-home campaign in no time.

Cairo Tower & The Great Pyramid of Giza

The oldest wonder of the 7 wonders of the ancient world, The Great Pyramid of Giza has projected a message of solidarity and awareness not only to the Egyptian community but to the whole wide world, thanking the ones who are been cautious by staying at home and asking everyone else to do so, by mentioning “Stay Home”, “Stay Safe” and “Thank you to those keeping us safe”.

The tallest building in Egypt and North Africa for more than 50 years has used its own structure to send messages of awareness to the people of Egypt, where “احمي نفسك” which means “Protect yourself”, “Stay Home” and “Stay Safe” stood high on 187m of glory, decorated with the Egyptian flag as a symbol of nationality.

Al Watania Lel Toroq

The National Company for Roads Building and Development (Al Watania Lel Toroq) has decided to abatement all the advertising agencies debts during April 2020 only if they release at least one awareness message against COVID-19 with agency’s logo side by side to theirs as part of their CSR towards the Egyptian community. The wonderful social and health initiate stated that the joining advertises have to print a slandered-unified message to be printed all over Cairo’s billboards, along with the logo of Al Watania Lel Toroq parallel to the companies’ logo displayed on locations owned by the National Company for Roads Building and Developments, in addition to the companies with concessions for these locations. All the elite-respected companies and agencies have quickly responded to this initiative by joining their forces on the billboards of Cairo, Egypt.


On a parallel side  OUTSITE OOH Media have rapidly joined the move to follow the path of safety and protection, but went with a different unique design and their own ad copy to make sure they stand out on the billboards of Cairo with three different ad copies “حافظ على نفسك”, “حافظ على أسرتك”, “حافظ على مصر” which translate to “Save yourself”, “Safe your family” and finally “Save Egypt”, adding the hashtag of “#StayAtHome” all written in the Arabic language on uni-poles across the agency’s OOH locations at El-Moshir Tantawy Axis.

At the end of the day, all the brands, advertisers, agencies, organizations, licensing authorities and media fellows are COMMUNITIES. These communities are asking and begging us to be aware, prepared considering the situation we are at right now, keeping in mind that this is temporary only if we stay home then we will be able to stay safe forever, hoping to kiss this pandemic goodbye soon to witness the flourishing of the outdoor landscape one more time.

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