The luxury vibes are still running on the roads of Dubai with part 2 of the Jewelry industry outdoor campaigns in March to splash sophistication, elegance, and greatness on the billboards of Dubai. Here are the rest of the elite brands we promised you with.

Audemars Piguet

"Born in Le Brassus, raised around the world"; the historic Swiss watchmaker Audemars Piguet is showcasing its very special collections of watches on the billboards of Dubai, in the middle of Sheikh Zayed Road. The campaign utilized three visuals on uni-poles to display the brand unique Royal Oak and Code11.59 watches, presenting the models on three different visuals as each model has its own star featured. The fashion influencer and branding strategist Jen Azoulay appears along with the famous singer Jakob Dylan, each on a separate visual, to illustrate the uniqueness of the two different Royal Oak editions. While Tenzin Wild, the co-founder and editor in chief at The Life Magazine is featured to present the independency of the very sophisticated Code11.59.


Appearing once again in the streets of Dubai, mega advertiser Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons has turned to lampposts in Sheikh Zayed Road to make sure drivers won't miss the Mariner Slim collection from the luxurious watches of Concord. The watch appears on a pretty simple and light-colored visual, bottomed by the copy "Secret lies in details" to explain the beauty of the Mariner SL.

Rivoli Group

Jewelry tycoon and mega advertiser Rivoli Group have been hitting the billboards of Dubai hard with its collection of watches from different luxury brands, showing the Swiss professionality with Omega, Tissot, Faver Leuba, Longines and Rado, showing a respected media plan across prime locations in the beloved Dubai, UAE. This advertiser’s advertising great branding techniques and tactics divide into two parts; one where it places its logo on the bottom of the visuals as the main distributor of the brand, while the other has its logo over a separated die-cut on the top of the visual, in addition to using special effects of LED lights to highlight it even more.


The prestigious Swiss brand and leader in diving watches, Omega, is presenting the Seamaster Diver 300M collection on uni-poles in Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai. The campaign's visual needed no extra words to it, only the demonstration of the quite exceptional watch on a black background that reflects the exclusivity and uniqueness of it.

On the other hand, another OOH campaign for Omega brings up the exceptional limited edition of Omega Seamaster, "James Bond's choice" and his all-time favorite watch that's marketed and featured in the whole 007 series, appearing on billboards and uni-poles in Deira, Dubai. The campaign is featuring the superstar Daniel Craig, the actor of the latest "No time to die" James Bond movie, standing in the famous James bond pose beside the exceptional Omega watch, to keep branding its unique watches with the legendary movie series.


One of the most elite watches brands in the whole wide-world; Tissot by Rivoli Group has visited the billboards of Cairo to brand and promote some of their collection on a rooftop billboard in Sheikh Zayed Rd with a die-cut of the advertiser’s logo their long-term location it to shed some light on their existence as a mega advertiser.

A parallel campaign was seen on the billboards of the city of gold, across Sheikh Zayed Rd to feature Indian actress and superstar Deepika Padukone, the brand ambassador since 2013. The visuals portray her posing beside a collection of the most elegant, simple and chic collected women’s watches. The ad copy announces that “#ThisIsYourTime”, while the advertiser’s logo lies at the bottom of the visuals, while the campaign appears on a uni-poles in Sheikh Zayed Rd and along with Dubai Al Ain.


As for the "Masters of Materials" Rado Switzerland, Rivoli Group decided to turn the spotlights on its original Captain Cook watch. It illustrated the classic watch with a fresh presence in the center of a water splash, appearing on a brown colored background that usually reflects high security and quality of the product on a uni-poles in Al Khail St. To make it clear that the original Captain Cook is indeed a watch designed to stand the test of time.


Swiss watchmaker brand since 1832 and till the moment you’re reading this, Longines has been keeping track with opulence watches collections to present it now on Dubai’s billboards on uni-poles in Sheikh Zayed Road, mixing the Emirati culture with the swiss worldliness in one visual.

Faver Leuba

Watchmaker pioneer Faver Leuba has been promoting the Raider Sea Sky watch’s different models, combining the functionality of a chronograph with the practical benefits of a rotating bezel as branded about the unique watch. The ad copy confidently mentions “ For 282 years #ConqueringFrontiers” to highlight their legacy in  Sheikh Zayed Rd on uni-poles.


Lifestyle Fine Jewelry, part of the Chinese Aron Shum Jewelry Limited, appeared on multiple lampposts in the heart of Deria, Dubai to announce a unique offer of a wide variety of jewelry as gifts for Mother's Day. The visuals displayed the diamond collection of jewelry that has the word Mom crafted on, as well as the exclusive Swiss-made diamond watch Coronet to be presented for mothers on their special day. Every piece on the visuals has its price stated, topped by the announcement of the unmatchable discount of 25% to 60%.

Malabar Gold & Diamonds

Featuring Anil Kapoor and Karina Kapoor, the two Indian superstars, Malabar Gold & Diamonds is celebrating the beauty of life with an OOH campaign on the billboards of Dubai, UAE, using celebrity endorsement marketing tactic to include the mesmerizing Indian culture that is known for its unique jewelry richness, introducing “Complete transparency” of their “Tested and certified diamonds” with Anil Kapoor himself holding the certification paper on a roof-top billboard, while Karina Kapoor appears on a mobie wearing a Malabar expensive diamond necklace. The well-planned campaign took place in Sheikh Zayed Road, Bur Dubai, Deira, Airport Street.

The jewelry journey of Dubai’s billboards during March 2020 has reached an end but the luxury will never leave the billboards of Dubai, UAE with more to come soon. Stay tuned to know more about April’s OOH campaigns, media plans, and designer brands.

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