Tradeline came upon the billboards of Cairo to make it clear for Al-Mohandseen residents that there's a new branch "Now open" instead of the older one, as well as promoting different Apple products with options and payment terms that "Suit your budget".

The authorized reseller of Apple products employed an OOH campaign in Cairo streets, Al-Mohandseen specifically, to spread the word out there that a new branch is open with the exact address mentioned. Meanwhile, showcase the latest offers from Tradeline that promote the iPhone 11 series and other Apple devices. The products appear on the visuals bottomed by the advantage of "insurance and 18 months of installment with no interest", and topped by the campaign slogan "Secure, install" reflecting that you have all the time to pay for your product while getting it secured too.

The campaign was seen on billboards in the second week of March, appearing on uni-poles in different locations in Cairo, Egypt.

Tradeline announces a new branch opening on an OOH campaign-00
Tradeline announces a new branch opening on an OOH campaign-00

Campaign Credits

Industry: Consumer Electronics

Brand: Tradeline

Advertiser: Tradeline

OOH Size: Uni-Pole | Siege

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Awareness Campaign | Apple

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