In case you missed the on fire Mobile Devices OOH Recap for March, the automotive world is spicing things up even more with different racing on the billboards of Dubai to get the viewers’ attention in the same month, using promotional campaigns, awareness campaigns announcing the launch of some of the 2020 luxurious automobiles and special production of die-cuts to add creativity to the table.


American luxury vehicle manufacturer Cadillac has appeared on the billboards of Dubai to introduce the 2020 Cadillac XT6 on an OOH campaign by Al Ghahndi Auto, their official distributor in the UAE, inviting the viewers to “Unveil the unbelievable first-ever XT6. The 7 passengers mid-size SUV was seen on a megs-sign and a uni-pole in Sheikh Zayed Road.


The luxurious Japanese car INFINITI is promoting the QX50 and Q50 on the roads of Dubai with an outdoor campaign. The OOH campaign was spread over a limited serial of lampposts in Downtown & Bur Dubai, displaying the two INFINITI vehicles on dark visuals that ideally reflect the models' exclusivity. Besides, AW Rostamani Arabian Automobiles – INFINITI distributor in UAE – installed a master visual that's standing alone on INFINITI showroom’s shop front; one of the most famous landmarks in Sheikh Zayed road, showcasing the extraordinary QX50 with the privilege of "2 years free insurance and service".


The Jeep Wrangler, known for its fierce capabilities and aggressive nature on the road, is showing presence with a branding OOH campaign across a bridge billboard and a hoarding in Sheikh Zayed Road to present their well-planned media plan, with visuals showing the Wrangler standing firm in the middle of the wilderness. The official distributor of Jeep cars, Trading Enterprises, is inspiring adventurers with the empowering message "Own your wild", to illustrate that the Wrangler is all you need to expand your limits on the roads. 


The sole distributor of KIA, Al Majid Motors, is putting up the new KIA Seltos on a hoarding and uni-poles across several locations in Sheikh Zayed Road on an outdoor branding campaign, to announce that the extra unique SUV is "Always ready". The campaign’s visual shows a picture of the KIA Seltos standing far away from the city on the waterside, illustrating that the car is more than ready for traveling endless roads, "No matter what comes next".


Gargash Group is boosting the popular C and E classes of Mercedes-Benz on a promotional OOH campaign in Sheikh Zayed road. The remarkable German brand installed two different visuals to announce the starting price of each class, plus the advantage of "No down payment and first installment in June 2020". Unsurprisingly, both designs appear in the classic-dark color scheme that differentiates Mercedes.

The C class campaign's visual appears on a bridge billboard, needing no illustration for the world-wide famous vehicle. The whole space was utilized to place the copy in both English and Arabic, and identify the hotline clearly. On the other hand, the E class showed up on a uni-pole displaying a snapshot of the exceptional Mercedes vehicle.


Al Yousuf Motors came up with a promotional OOH campaign for the MG SUV range on a hoarding in Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Road, flexing the benefits of unbeatable prices and "1-year free service" on all the SUV family. The advertiser displayed the MG vehicles, bottomed by the starting price to make it crystal clear that you'll "Get more out of the MG SUV range".


The exclusive distributor of Skoda, Ali & Sons Motors, has creatively presented "5 simple reasons to drive a Skoda", promoting skoda vehicles on a wall banner in Sheikh Zayed Road. The visual portrays a Skoda KODIAQ under a blue sky on the seaside while listing the five benefits that are associated with number five as well, like"5 years unlimited warranty" and "5 years' service". Skoda proves that "Simply clever" is not just a tagline, but in fact, a value that's delivered.


Seen on a hoarding in Skeikh Zayed Road and a wall banner in Al Ittihad Road Dubai; one of the largest and oldest business conglomerates in the United Arab Emirates AW Rostamani Group has released a promotional outdoor advertising campaign to brand  the compact SUV Suzuki Vitara as the fourth generation of the car model since 1988. The visuals display different colors of the automobile with an open invitation for you to “Experience amazing prices lower than ever” bilingually written.

All the mentioned OOH campaigns have localized their brand name and copy into Arabic, fought for visibility and varied in their media plan to pick different distribution strategies that suit each and every automobile company. Stay Tuned for the Automotive OOH Campaigns’ Recap part 2 to know more about Ford, Landrover, Mitsubishi Motors, Nissan, Toyota and more.

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