The mobile devices competition has always been on fire, different international and global mega brands are fighting over visibility and media plans distribution to obtain the most exposure they could have. And Dubai’s billboards are no stranger to the fierce competition, Huawei, iPhone, Oppo, and Samsung have lately popped up during March 2020 to meet each other face-to-face as the four mobile devices tycoons on the main trafficked roads of Dubai, UAE.


Appearing on a huge wall banner that you can’t unseen once you arrive at Sheikh Zayed Road, Huawei has beaten itself with an out-of-home campaign to brand its Huawei Mate30 Pro 5G on the billboards of the pearl of the 7 emirates, Dubai. The campaign is definitely turning heads, making the billboards’ viewers rethink their possibilities with a device like this, including the design, fantasy of nature, endless screen and the magic of side touch. The visuals show how colorful the mobile phone from the back with its huge camera, while the ad copy includes the name of the device which is more than enough with a visual like this.


After appearing on the billboards of Cairo last December, Apple Inc has shown up on Dubai’s billboards to appear in Sheikh Zayed Road, promoting the features and benefits of iPhone 11’s mesmerizing camera with the just the right amount of everything. The American multinational technology company is displaying eye-grabbing photos that “Was captured by iPhone 11’s extremely wide camera” as mentioned in the ad copy to prove that the mobile device’s lens is the future of full-frame DSLR professional cameras.

The visuals are perfect proof of the said copy with numerous shots that stretches the muscles and powers of the device’s camera, turning to wide shots from different angles that will make you anxious about discovering your talents in photography. The campaign used different formats of hoarding to get the highest possible Daily Effective Circulation (DEC).


The awaited Oppo Reno3 Pro one of the Oppo Reno3 Series has arrived in the Emirati OOH market to announce the launch of the revolutionary device, featuring their new brand ambassador football star and international public figure Mohamed Salah. The ad copy is portraying the features of the device of dynamic photography, dual-lens bokeh, night shots, and their zoom quad-camera to prove that it is “Clear in every shot” which is mentioned in both the English & Arabic languages, in addition to a transliteration of the brand & series name in Arabic.

As for the visuals, the superstar and brand ambassador is holding the mobile device with a smile on his face and a white black ground to send messages of new beginnings and transparency. The campaign was installed on hoardings and uni-poles across both Sheikh Zayed & Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Roads.


Multinational conglomerate Samsung has paid a visit to the billboards of Dubai with an outdoor advertising campaign to promote their brand new mobile devices Samsung Galaxy S20 Series with similar visuals to those of their parallel OOH campaign that topped Cairo’s billboards in March as well.

The ad copy in Dubai added, “Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G” to reflect that the Emirati horizons have also witnessed the announcement of the fifth generation of wireless communication technology (5G), using an exclusive black background on huge OOH format of different sizes of hoardings to reflect the feeling of uniqueness and evolution of the Dubai mobile devices and communication.

The four campaigns took place in March 2020, with remarkable OOH media plans, taking into consideration to wisely distribute these plans that are concentrated in Sheikh Zayed Road which granted them much exposure and visibility across the clutter of Dubai’s outdoor media.

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