Out-of-home Advertisers in Egypt have a quite crowded calendar throughout the whole year filled with events and holidays. It adds more challenges to marketing and advertising departments out there, heating the competition for the benefit of customers who're waiting for top offers appearing on the finest piece of an ad.

Mother's Day is confidently one of the most demanding opportunities for businesses to come up with exclusive offers and promotions, and showcase its unique propositions through creative artwork on OOH campaigns. This year the outdoor race was as much competitive as it usually is, with 12 brands climbing up the billboards of Cairo to celebrate and make their messages crystal clear. So let's check the list of brands that went out-of-home to celebrate Mother's Day with some lovely and powerful messages.

El-Araby empowers people to mention shared traits with their mothers

Complementary to their multi-channel campaign, El-Araby took it to the next level with an outdoor campaign spreading to boost their online audience engagement. The main idea behind the Mother's Day campaign is to shoot a video of yourself mentioning the characteristics you share with your mother and upload it online, they posted many celebrities' videos leading the move to encourage others to do so, now utilizing the out-of-home media as a leading media channel to promote their cause and idea. This type of interaction triggers intimacy and strengthens emotional bonds between people and their mothers, as well as El-Araby Group.

Baheya invites people for the best gift for hero mothers

The well-known Breast Cancer Treatment Foundation came on Cairo's billboards to announce that they're raising funds in Mother's Day, spreading more awareness about their "21 days" initiative that aims to narrow the waiting period for breast cancer patients. Baheya's OOH campaign visual is full of passion and love, showing happy women hugging each other supportively on Baheya's pink-colored background.

Souq.com thanks Mothers on Cairo's billboards with special promotions

The leading E-commerce brand Souq.com went creative on the billboards of Cairo. It installed a sequel of visuals to present different categories of products with an amount of discount for each, blending product categories with different phrases to thank our mothers. These phrases are written in some style to relate to the categories and offers on the visuals, but last visual to witness has no products displayed on, only the master copy "Thank you for being my mom".

El-Ezaby leaves us curious about Mother's Day offers on an OOH campaign

The Egyptian leading pharmacy appeared on the billboards of Cairo with an OOH campaign to let us know that lots of offers are waiting when we visit any of El-Ezaby stores, not mentioning any details about the promotions, only calling to "Ask for the offers and mother's gifts" to keep us wondering what kind of promotions and gifts they got for Moms this year.

Bosch is out in Cairo streets to break off your worries about Mother's Day gift

The international Home appliances brand showed on Cairo's billboards with an OOH campaign to offer their very promising discount of more than 50% on its products, in a decent move to make it easier for people to gift their moms with more of high-quality home appliances from Bosch. A wide variety of home appliances can be seen on the billboards, with a red gift box appearing alongside the products in each design. 


Rush Brush is on Cairo's billboards with a Mother's Day discount 

The hair care company came with two different visuals to convey two different moods regarding its 20% offer on multiples of Rush Brush products, utilizing a pink background at the start of the campaign to feel the love and care. Afterward, it installed a black visual for the offer with a red rose to expand their media plan and spread more noise about their brand.

Monginis offers a "Sweet" gesture to moms on Mother's Day

The famous bakery that's known for its special variety of cakes is offering “Mommy's Box” as your gift for Mother's Day, appearing on different visuals in an OOH campaign, with lots of red and pink colors that reflect compassion and love. The campaign's concept is that moms go through many hard times for the sake of our goodness, so Mommy's Box is created by Monginis to be the sweet gift that "Eases hard times".

Electrostar says that "Mothers never change" on an OOH campaign

In a slightly similar manner to El-Araby, Electrostar also has released an OOH campaign as part of a multi-channel campaign to create outdoor-social media integration. The idea is based on a video dedicated to Mothers, created to mention the caring and lovely stuff that your mother does for you, which never changes by time. The home appliances brand wrote on Cairo's billboards that "Homes can be changed, moms cannot", smartly reflecting that you can upgrade your old home appliances from Electrostar, with the fact that our mothers will stay kind forever, using a visual featuring the star Heba Magdy, smiling and hugging her kids.

Penduline Kids Hair Group got a surprise on Cairo's billboards

Penduline, who offers kids hair products, is creating some sort of suspense on the billboards on an OOH campaign, for an upcoming surprise that will take place in the Mall of Arabia. It gives only a hint on the visuals that there will be lots of gifts and a discount that reaches up to 35%, demonstrating a set of Penduline hair products, as well as a visual of a Mom carrying her baby which reflects caring and motherhood.

Raneen Stores are full of discounts till the end of March

The famous local retail store, that's is rarely seen on the roads, is celebrating Mother's Day on the billboards of Cairo with daily discounts until the end of March. Raneen designed a simple visual that mentions different ways we call our mothers, either its Mommy, Mama, or Mother, asking "What do you call her" afterward. The concept conveys that everybody has his term of expression for his/her mother, which can reflect that whatever your approach is, Raneen got the gift that suits your tone for Mother's Day.

Modern House offers a wide range of discounts on the billboards

Modern House, or as it's referred to as Modern House Kitchens due to its specialization in kitchens, is seen on the billboards of Cairo congratulating mothers with a creative concept design to display its multiple discounts on a variety of products. It installed a visual of a man climbing up a ladder starting from the first point of discount, reaching through the end of it where a 50% discount exists, leaving the impression that Modern House has a wide range of discounts.

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