Surprisingly, Vodafone and Cadbury teamed with each other to come up with a massive co-branding out-of-home campaign, using celebrity endorsement marketing tactic to let us know that  "الحلو يحب الكلام و الكلام يحب الحلو", which translates to “Sweet loves to speak and speaking is a sweet lover”.

Following its very recent cross-promotional OOH campaign with Chipsy, Vodafone Egypt surprised the audience with a unique OOH campaign partnering with Cadbury, featuring the star Yasmine Sabry with the famous Vodafone's character Mared to introduce the new offer "Get a charge with each Cadbury”. Get a Cadbury with each charge". The two brands split the billboards in half to use each brand color and logo on each side equally, illustrating that the offer is perfectly balanced and shared between both; whenever you buy one, you'll get the other.

The Campaign was seen on the billboards of Cairo in the first week of March, spreading on double-decker poles, mega-signs, with a serial and combination of billboards and uni-poles across multiple locations in Cairo, Egypt.

Vodafone & Cadbury share Cairo's billboards featuring Yasmin Sabry-00
Vodafone & Cadbury share Cairo's billboards featuring Yasmin Sabry-00

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