Adidas released its new SL20 footwear on an OOH campaign, just a month following their latest Superstar shoes' OOH campaign.

The sportswear giant came back in no time to introduce the SL20 shoe that's made for you to be faster, and "Feel the lightness". Using four different visuals, Adidas is keen to reflect lots of moments with its new campaign, utilizing red color to reflect energy and passion. The superstar Salah is featured in one of the visuals with the copy "Faster than distractions" to convey empowerment, "Faster than people expect" was written on another visual with a group of friends happily gathering. The other two visuals show ordinary people jogging on the streets to illustrate that the new sportswear is not only made for professional athletes, they also had a copy saying "Fast is a feeling", and a drawing of the new SL20 associated with some paper planes, making sure that speed and lightness are all that comes to your mind when you think of the new SL20.

The campaign showed on Cairo's billboards in the first week of March, spreading on uni-poles, billboards, mega-signs, and double-decker poles across different locations in Cairo, Egypt.

Adidas features Mo Salah on an OOH campaign for its new SL20-00
Adidas features Mo Salah on an OOH campaign for its new SL20-00

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