Hyde Park Developments is announcing their advantageous 10 years payment plan on an OOH promotional campaign, following their latest campaign for Hyde Park New Cairo in the last November.

The real estate developer appeared on the billboards of Cairo to keep up with the tough competition happening in the real estate industry, offering an up to 10 years payment plan, which is a huge competitive edge that's capable of changing a buyer's mind into the favor of Hyde Park. The campaign's design is appearing on a greyscale with a smiling woman standing in greens to reflect simplicity and relaxing vibes, putting on its announcement of "10 years payment plan", complemented by the slogan "More time for you" to convey empowerment and easement of process, bottomed by their hotline that's written on a large scale for clearness.

The ad surfaced on Cairo's billboards in the last week of February, appearing on a combination of uni-poles, double-decker poles, and butterfly double-deckers in different locations across Cairo, Egypt.

Hyde Park is giving "More time for you" on Cairo's billboards-00
Hyde Park is giving "More time for you" on Cairo's billboards-00

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