Mars Egypt is reshaping Galaxy into a new package, whitening Cairo's billboards on a massive OOH campaign, 6 months later after its latest campaign in September 2019.

Till a month ago, Galaxy was famously known with its brown-chocolate packaging color for years. Out of nowhere, the chocolate leader decided to transform its identity into a new white spirit. White color usually reflects purity and cleanliness, which actually aligns perfectly with its smooth chocolate branding. In fact, white color conveys new beginnings also, leaving us wondering what's new in Galaxy's pocket this year. Galaxy used an uncrowded visual to illustrate their new packaging design on different chocolate flavors, with a "New shape" sticker appearing at the template's corner, and one simple slogan "Choose Galaxy's pleasure" to keep the whole space for its new Galaxy shape to get the best brand recognition possible.

Galaxy rose on Cairo's billboards in the last week of February, appearing on uni-poles, die-cuts and a combination of double-decker poles across different locations in Cairo, Egypt.

Galaxy is turning white on a huge rebranding OOH campaign-00
Galaxy is turning white on a huge rebranding OOH campaign-00

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