After their latest OOH branding campaign for Somabay in October 2019, ASDC is introducing MESCA on the billboards of Cairo, Egypt with a new launching OOH campaign.

The famous Hurghada resort sticks to its favorite outdoor media plan to surround the roads. Gates with different ad copies distributed across Greater Cairo, with little or no slogans, and lots of quality visuals, is the same strategy used in their previous couple of OOH campaigns. What was quite unique this time for MESCA is displaying a glimpse of the exterior and interior design of its beachfront units, while blue color is dominating the visuals with a close-up shot of a woman's shut-eye, both combined to reveal the relaxing vibes of the resort. A wide "MESCA" spread across the visuals and "Launching now" were enough slogans for Somabay's ad copy, as well as showing Somabay's logo, website address, and the hotline at the bottom of the ad.

The OOH campaign was launched in the second week of February, using uni-poles and a serial of double-decker poles across different locations in Cairo, Egypt.

MESCA is "Launching now" on the top of Cairo's billboards-00
MESCA is "Launching now" on the top of Cairo's billboards-00

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