Unexpectedly, the OOH market keeps hitting the viewers with changes over the past few months. In December’s Market Insights, these changes were all about the industries occupancy and now the surprises are coming from the market occupancy itself; where the number of occupied billboards in Cairo, Egypt has dropped by 4% in January!

Numbers have taught us that the very first few months of every year is not the busiest ones when it comes to the OOH media, with all the marketers anticipating the upcoming hot season of Ramadan, because why would a skilled marketer waste their budget on a low season, while the big bond of compaction is waiting for them in the last week of April 2020?

It’s also been noticed that the Telecommunication industry is rising this month by 1% and the Healthcare share has taken over by one more percent. On the other hand, the Real Estate is keeping its stability for the second week in a row, while the FMCG industry is dropping down in comparison to December’s Market Insights.

Numbers never lied to us, this why every single month we track, monitor and analyze how the outdoor advertising market is moving to make sure our readers are fully informed, up-to-date and always prepared for the next move. Now you can check out our infographic down there, in addition to January’s Top 20 Campaigns: https://insiteooh.com/article/2956-the-ooh-market-welcomes-the-new-year-with-januarys-top-20-campaigns


Industry: Marketing & Advertising


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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

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