Garnier has launched its OOH awareness campaign for the new skincare cream "Fast Fairness" featuring actress Hend Sabry; Granier's brand ambassador.

Although Hend Sabry is a superstar who undoubtedly catches your attention, Garnier couldn't resist the urge to go creative anyway. In addition to their celebrity branding marketing technique, they used die-cuts, illustrating a huge 3D lemon splashing out of the "Fast Fairness" bottle, obviously, named so due to its rapid effect. Supporting the visual, the campaign's ad copy says that the new cream contains lemon and vitamin C three times more than the usual ones, as well as highlighting its protection from harmful sun rays in a clear orange strip.

The campaign surfaced on Cairo's billboards at the beginning of February, it appears on a uni-pole, double-decker pole, plus a special production –die-cut- in different locations across Cairo, Egypt

Garnier shines on Cairo's billboards with "Fast Fairness"-00
Garnier shines on Cairo's billboards with "Fast Fairness"-00

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