International fast-food chain Hardee’s advertised by Americana Group appears once again on the billboards of Cairo to promote one of their leading products Angus Thickburgers different sandwich.

Famous for their grilled on fire tasty burgers, the visuals are created smartly with minimum ad copy to illuminate any unneeded elements, in case of foodservice & food and beverages, the displaying of the product itself attracts the eye more and stimulates the audiences appetite. The visuals are displayed on a dark background to send you some messages about the exclusivity of this brand and this sandwich in particular. Also, it was noticeable that they used a special lightning effects of light-emitting diode (LED), highlighting their own logo and the word "Stars" that perfectly describes their sandwiches. 

The campaign was out there during the first week of January, using uni-poles, billboards and double-decker poles in various locations across Greater Cairo.

Hardee’s promotes Angus Thickburgers on an outdoor campaign-00
Hardee’s promotes Angus Thickburgers on an outdoor campaign-00

The Art & Science of OOH

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