Egyptian real estate developer Pyramids Developments has been on the billboards of Cairo to promote La Capitale located in New Administrative Capital, after revealing the project’s financial benefits on an OOH campaign during 2018, this time to bring real-life shots for their project.

From the developer of Grand Square Mall, Paris Mall, Lake Studios and more, La Capitale is proven to be under construction with the life-shots of the project on Cairo’s billboards to prove that “Trust comes from business” according to the ad copy. The bottom area is reserved for the advertiser’s hotline for any further inquiries needed.

The campaign saw the light during the first week of January and can be seen on mega-signs, double-decker poles and uni-poles in different locations across Greater Cairo.

Pyramids proves “Trust comes from business” with La Capitale-00
Pyramids proves “Trust comes from business” with La Capitale-00

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