Cairo’s billboards receive new advertisers every day and Maven Developments is one of them, an international real estate developer with a solid track of achievements and developments in collaboration with their American affiliates The Riverwards Group is launching its first OOH campaign in Cairo, Egypt to brand themselves and introduce its quality to the Egyptian market.

A solid ad copy is all that you need when nailing your spot in a new market, the language you speak is going to work as an open door between you and your target segmentation to show them the core of your services, in Maven’s case, it’s “The things that matter” where they are delivering a message of a home with a lifestyle that will turn your life upside down in a great way. As for the visuals, the billboards are not busy with lots of elements, the live design style is dominating their artwork, focusing on the people and the happy moments awaits you at their projects, which complements their ad copy that appears to be their tagline. The bottom side works as a call-to-action with the advertiser placing its hotline and website URL for further inquiries.

The campaign started to show up on the roads during the first week of January, using double-decker poles, mega-signs and billboards in many locations across Greater Cairo.

Maven Developments focuses on “The things that matter” on an OOH campaign-00
Maven Developments focuses on “The things that matter” on an OOH campaign-00

The Art & Science of OOH

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