Multiple real estate developers are making a strong come back to the OOH arena, knowing that it’s the main media channel for their industry. One of those developers is El Nasr for Housing & Development who disappeared for a long time since promoting their payment facilities in an OOH campaign in March 2018.

Announcing the 6th of October’s newly launched Compound 2020 on the billboards of Cairo on a blend of brown and orange background and the complete details to the residential project’s payment plan and facilities. As for the ad copy, “إن السكن ليس مجرد جدران” is the beautifully phrased message of the brand which translates to “Home is not only about the walls”. The bottom side is booked for the advertiser’s hotline and logo for any more inquiries needed.

The campaign popped on the roads during the last week of December, using uni-poles, mega-signs and billboards in many locations across Greater Cairo.

El Nasr returns with Compound 2020 in 6th of October-00
El Nasr returns with Compound 2020 in 6th of October-00

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